Betfree partners with Ireland’s top bookmaker

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Betfree is a leading platform in the Irish betting scene for getting the latest news on the best betting deals on the market, and naturally one of the ways they do this is through direct partnerships with the top names among the bookmakers. There’s a lot that goes into the rankings and the way that Betfree chooses the best partnerships and finds the most advantageous offers for their users, so today we’re going to take a look at the news and what it might mean for you.

Betfree is a comprehensive service which ranks and reviews free bets in Ireland from all the top bookmakers in Ireland, both old and new. Their aim is to bring all the best offers to punters in one place, and rank the latest free bet offers for new and existing customers on each platform. What’s most important for Betfree is that they work with trusted names in the industry, like Betvictor, Bet365, 888sport and many more.

The criteria

Taking these trusted names, Betfree then builds rankings for the free bets based on a variety of criteria. For instance, first of all, it will look at what’s available for whatever in particular you might be looking for, whether that’s livestreaming, the best odds, the best markets or the best offers.

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Then, they take a number of key features into account to rank the site: safety and security are always among the most important parts of the ranking process. SSL encryption is always a must, as well as implementing limiting features to address the issue of problem betting and gambling. Beyond that, though, they will look at the quality of promotions and customer support, as well as the more nitty gritty details like engaging features and withdrawal times.

Of course, one of the main things that you as a bettor will be looking for out of a service like Betfree is the promotions. Most of the most lucrative promotions of course are offered for new customers exclusively, and Betfree will certainly help you find the most advantageous of these. If you’re looking for a new site to sign up with, then checking what’s available through Betfree is the best way to do it as they are partnered with virtually all the major players. Equally, though, you can also find information on those promotions for existing customers, for example surrounding particular sporting events.

The partners

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Through its partnerships with industry leaders like Betvictor or Coral, Betfree always ensures that they’re able to provide the most up-to-date, accurate information on the safest and best betting offers in Ireland. But the partnerships of course with both ways: these big bookmakers are able to confidently partner with Betfree because Betfree itself has built such a reputation for safety, security, and putting the users first. Betfree is the one place you need to look to find a complete guide to all the best bet offers available in Ireland, not to mention just a broader, accurate ranking of the bookies themselves.

With so many bookmakers on the market today and more and more popping up what feels like every day, services like Betfree are really essential. It’s hard to know what to trust and what to disregard, but Betfree has you covered on that front. Because they are partnered with so many of the best and most reliable betting sites on the market, you can always rest assured that what you’re reading is the most accurate reflection of the state of the market. Whether you’re a veteran bettor or you’ve never placed a bet before in your life, putting your trust in a service like Betfree is a much safer option than just taking the risk on a popular site. Even a popular, high-traffic site can still be severely lacking in reliability or security.

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Perhaps the most important category overall for Betfree’s ranking of its partners, then, is their reputation. Even a licensed, fully legal operation still might not be reputable, but it can be hard to know this first hand until you’ve already placed a bet. That’s why you always want to come to Betfree before you do anything else.

 Final thoughts

There are few services which offer such a comprehensive, trustworthy view of the current state of the betting market. Betfree is about as close to ideal as you can get. It brings you the best of both worlds: snappy, quick reviews including the pros and cons of each site, as well as more in-depth looks at the ins and outs of the big and small players in the betting market. The betting markets are more diverse than ever today, so whatever you might want to bet on, you can be sure there’s probably a market out there for it; but the tricky part would be finding it if we didn’t have

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