Bookmakers partner with Top betting sites to enter Ireland

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When looking at the state of the betting market in Ireland today, it’s clear to see that there are a great many players involved. Whereas in the past a few titans would have dominated the industry, that is not entirely the case today. It’s certainly true that a handful of big names remain at the top of the market, but at the same time there are a lot of viable competitors rising in the ranks and bringing innovation that boosts their popularity.

What that means for the bettors, then, is that there’s an almost overwhelming amount of choice when it comes to whom to bet with. In that landscape, services like Topbettingsites are absolutely vital for telling the best from the average, and telling the average from the downright sketchy. Topbettingsites have partnered with a number of the biggest names in Irish bookmaking to bring you a comprehensive review of all their advantages, disadvantages, and who is best in which categories.

How Topbettingsites ranks its partners

Firstly, there are several categories for which Topbettingsites chooses the best option. For instance, the best overall betting site in Ireland, according to Topbettingsites, is bet365. But this could mean any number of things for you—so let’s say you’re instead looking for the best live streaming betting site, or the best variety in markets, or maybe you’re just interested in the horse racing. Topbettingsites ranks sites by all of these categories to give you the best option for each. This gives you a good starting point for choosing where to place your bets.

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On the other hand, you also of course want to know how exactly the different sites are ranked. There are a few key ways that the site does this. Firstly, they employ a team of experts with wide-ranging industry knowledge to determine what the most important aspects of betting site quality are. This includes, primarily, things like bonuses offered, odds, and how easy the sites are to use. Bonuses, after all, are one of the main ways that different sites compete with one another, and they can often be incredibly lucrative; so without proper research, it can be easy to assume you’ve found the best one in the first offer you come across.

Topbettingsites also considers the markets and sports available on a given app. Most of the big players will naturally offer markets on the most popular betting events, like betting on horse racing and football. But your interests might lie in other areas, like tennis or even esports—and without Topbettingsites, you would have to do a bit of extra research to find the right site. Topbettingsites does that all for you.

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Then peripheral but nonetheless very important aspects such as sign up and registration as well as banking methods are also compared between sites to judge overall quality. Topbettingsites, then, covers just about everything you would need to know about a given site.

The partners

So, who does Topbettingsites consider to be the best options? Well, again, it depends on what you’re looking for. It will come as no surprise that the best overall site, as mentioned, is bet365, one of the biggest players in the Irish betting market. But the giants are not the only ones that the site looks at. It’s always worth keeping an eye on up-and-coming betting sites, such as Mr Rex, and Topbettingsites offers great insight into why you might want to consider joining up with the new site—for instance, they offer great in play markets. On the other hand, their promotions are more focused on their casino side, rather than the betting side.

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William Hill is another great choice for an Irish betting site today according to Topbettingsites. They are good all-round; great odds on the football as well as fantastic welcome offers for new customers, as well as comprehensive live-streaming available in app. Unfortunately, though, the experts don’t think it’s the easiest site to navigate. So, again just because a site might be among the biggest bookmakers in the country doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best choice for you to bet on, and there are few more reliable places to find that information than Topbettingsites through their wide partnerships with just about every major player in the industry.

Final thoughts

Without third-party services like Topbettingsites taking full stock of the market with expert opinion and comprehensive ranking guidelines, the chaotic jungle that is the modern betting market in Ireland would be considerably tougher to navigate. With so many high-quality services on offer, going through each and every one to compare the minutiae of their pros and cons can feel a tedious, even impossible, task. So, save your time and keep updated through the use of Topbettingsites, and you can always be sure you’ve got the complete picture.

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